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Summer Skincare

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Multi-Purpose Emulsion- Summer Skincare

During the summer, we spend more time outdoors which can wreak havoc on aging skin. There are many silent external threats to aging skin within our everyday environment that many are not aware of. They are; pollution, domestic byproducts and of course the most damaging of all, UV exposure from the sun. With so many unseen enemies attacking our skin on a day to day basis, how does one protect one’s skin from this extreme assault? The answer is: Bioxidea’s Multi Emulsion Rapid Prepare.

Like all Bioxidea Anti-Wrinkle products, Bioxidea’s Multi-Emulsion Moisturizer combines multiple antioxidants along with vitamins and minerals to give the wearer a free radical safeguard, combined with nourishment that will neutralize environmental concerns throughout the day (use with sunscreen). Bioxidea’s Multi-Emulsion will act as a powerful Moisturizing Primer that delivers a blend of targeted ingredients that protect against new environmental damage, while also reducing the appearance of existing damage. This multi-faceted product will counteract daily threats today to ensure a more radiant and youthful tomorrow.